Best Tools For Troubleshooting Data Networks in Honolulu

by | Aug 23, 2017 | Call Center

When the network goes down within the business, it can be very frustrating. Who knows what is causing the problem and it can bring business to a screeching halt. If someone has a bit of computer savviness, there are some tools that they can use to try and troubleshoot the issue. Here are some of the top tools to use to find the issue with Data Networks in Honolulu.


This is by far the most commonly used tool when diagnosing trouble within the data network. The tool is essentially a simple test of connectivity between the requesting host and the destination host. It uses a process called ICMP to see if the destination host is reachable. It can be used to narrow down where in the network the problem lies, for instance, if the problem is within the office environment or if the problem is in the provider network.


The next most commonly used tool to troubleshoot problems with Data Networks in Honolulu is called tracert. This tool works in conjunction with ping by analyzing the route taken by the ping takes and also how much time it takes to reach the destination host.


Another important factor to look at when deducing potential problems is what IP configuration is being used. If the IP is static, this will be a simple process to figure out as the IP address will not change, However, if the IP address is a dynamic one, it will change often. To find what the IP address is at any given time, the ipconfig tool would be used.


One of the most common issues which network users suffer from is the DNS reconciliation failing. The DNS name must reconcile with the IP address for the host site to be reached correctly. The nslookup tool is capable of looking up each IP address that is not reconciled.

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