Call Center Outsourcing Industry Trending Toward Impressive Growth

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Call Center

Global competition and constant innovation are driving a remarkable expansion within the call center outsourcing industry. According to Forbes, this sector is now generating north of $140 billion. It has witnessed a robust 4.4% growth throughout the previous year.

What’s driving that growth is complex, but certainly technical innovation is a huge factor. That includes process automation and cloud computing. Another factor is the increasing ease of seamlessly outsourcing the calling process to competent outside providers. This is true for both inbound call center outsourcing and outgoing functions.

Today, industry observers say a primary positive trend in inbound call center outsourcing is a welcome increase in transparency of the process. In the past, call center outsourcing was dominated by large MNCs (Mobile Network Code) providers. That made information about contracts and policies inherently opaque. But a new proliferation of start-ups is driving greater openness on pricing, policies and contracts.

The importance of greater transparency cannot be understated. It is crucial for developing superior partnerships between suppliers and clients. That, in turn, is central to innovation and expansion.

Another major trend influencing inbound call center outsourcing is geopolitical. Nations outside of the United States are changing policies that are allowing greater development of call outsourcing resources. Countries like India, Malaysia and the Philippines are coming on strong. They are bolstering their call sourcing infrastructures at a rapid pace.

Furthermore, an anticipated dampening of hiring foreign sourcing has not materialized as a result of the Trump Administration “America First” policy like many feared it would.

These and other trends mean that more companies are poised and eager to adopt call center outsourcing to bolster their efforts. Industry experts say the average company is planning to invest as much as 43% in the next two years.

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