Choosing Cabling Systems in Wichita KS: The Best Fit For Your Company

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Telecommunications Engineering

If you have a business and are in the market for a communications network installation, there are a few things you should know before you set out to find an installer. There are three basic network cable systems on the market today, and they each have different qualities. Since knowledge is power, as the cliché goes, you’re better off knowing the basics before you go in search of a company to do your installations. Here is the break-down on cable systems.

Coaxial Cable: This type of cable is the oldest and most basic style of networking that allows both phone systems and cable TV connections. Many businesses use this style of Cabling Systems in Wichita KS because it is inexpensive and does the job well. This cable is also the standard for cable companies because they have the ability to carry large amounts of data and have little interference susceptibility.

Category 5e and Category 6: These two similar cabling systems are Ethernet connectors that run anywhere between 100 MHz (for the Category 5e) to around 200 MHz (for the Category 6) bandwidth. These cables are especially useful for businesses and companies that have server rooms connecting all of their systems. Given the choice between the two cables, Category 6 will be the best choice for any future technology upgrade that comes along within the next few years. These cables are fairly inexpensive and easy to install and service. For many companies, this cabling system is the standard choice for in-house networking.

Fiber Optic Cabling: This cable system is arguably the best, and also the most expensive, data and voice system cable you can get. Fiber optic cabling is the fastest, most flexible, lightweight and non-flammable cable on the market. Fiber optic is the most resistant to electromagnetic noise, so it protects from any wiretapping ability, which makes it the most secure system you can find. For companies who are especially concerned with security, the fiber optic cabling system is the best choice.
When you have a good understanding of the different types of Cabling Systems in Wichita KS, it is easier to make a decision on the best fit for your business needs. A great company in Wichita is Communications Technology Associates, Inc. They do installations and offer several other support services that are beneficial for companies.

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