Consider VOIP From Companies That Do Hawaiian Telecom in Maui

by | May 12, 2014 | Phone Systems

Many businesses in Maui still use old phone systems. Although it is nice that the older phone systems are very reliable, they are probably costing businesses a lot of money. Today, it is possible to reduce voice telecommunication costs by switching from copper phone lines to VOIP. The aging telephone system is becoming more expensive to maintain. As a result, prices have gone up. On the other hand, it is possible to route phone calls over the Internet to get substantial savings. That is why many business should look at VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) offerings from companies that do Hawaiian telecom in Maui.

Today, most companies have an Internet connection to the office. In many cases, businesses have had the foresight to add a lot of bandwidth. The Internet has become a vital part of most businesses. What some business owners may not be aware of is the ability to route phone calls over the Internet at a substantial discount to the cost of conventional phone lines with VOIP. To use VOIP, it will be necessary to upgrade to a phone system that can use VOIP. Companies that do Hawaiian telecom in Maui can assist with configuring the Internet connection for VOIP as well as configuring the phone system itself.

A concern of many who are thinking about going to VOIP is the quality of the voice calls over the Internet. Fortunately, voice calls do not take a lot of bandwidth. VOIP technology has matured to the point where it is not normal to have any problems. In most instances, the Internet speeds will still be acceptable. Users will not be able to tell that the Internet connection is being shared with phone calls. Network administrators use a feature called QoS (Quality of Service) in order to make sure that the quality of voice calls remain acceptable regardless of the traffic on the Internet.

In the end, businesses will save a substantial amount of money by converting to a phone system that supports VOIP. Although there is a bit of work in switching from conventional phone lines to VOIP, the savings are worthwhile. The first thing to do is to contact a telecommunications provider such as Envision Networked Solutions. Follow us on Twitter!

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