Customers Want to Count on Excellent Service From an Internet Provider in Honolulu

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Call Center

After dealing with an Internet service provider that offers less-than-impressive customer service, a frustrated person is ready to make a change. This individual wants a high-speed reliable connection for a reasonable price, and prompt response from customer representatives if anything ever does malfunction. An Internet Provider in Honolulu should offer these services as a matter of course. It shouldn’t be a surprise when the service is consistently satisfactory.

Connection Interruptions

Reading reviews of certain ISPs in Hawaii and elsewhere uncovers scathing comments from angry customers. Some have experienced outages of service for several hours. This interrupts not only their casual browsing activity and social networking, but in many cases, the ability to work from home. Wireless service may go out along with the cable and DSL. These customers definitely don’t want this to happen again, and they are often troubled by the inadequate partial refund they receive after complaining.

Diagnostics and Outdated Equipment

Representatives with an Internet Provider in Honolulu should be able to diagnose certain problems after the user describes what is happening. For instance, the modem may be the actual problem. It may be old and outdated, unable to keep up with demands placed on it by today’s users.

Several people in the house trying to use the wireless service at the same time, for instance, can cause an outdated system to crash. With so many Web pages loading videos automatically, the connection speed must be able to handle that activity without substantial slowing.

Internet Connection Monitor

If repeated calls to the service provider about outages do not have the desired results, the customer may want to download an Internet connection monitor. This software is available for free from Web browsers and various companies. This will show the user whether or not there actually is a frequent problem with connectivity tied to the Internet service, even when the representatives deny it.

If this is the case, it’s time to look for a different ISP, such as Envision Networked Solutions. The company offers technical support 24 hours a day, every day of the week. More details are available at the website

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