Keeping Your Network Up and Running with Honolulu Security Solutions

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Phone Systems

Let’s face it: we live in a digital world. Even small businesses depend on their network for day to day operations and for major things like data storage and file transfers. Many business owners could not imagine the damage it would cause to their business if the network were harmed in some way, yet many of those same business owners have yet to put network security solutions in place in order to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Why Small Businesses Need Network Security

For many business owners, network security seems like a complex and expensive undertaking. However, attacks on your network could happen at any time. As larger businesses are starting to focus more on securing their networks, small businesses are now being attacked because hackers and thieves know that they are less likely to have a secure network. Furthermore, businesses need to be just as concerned with internal attacks, since unhappy employees can cause damage to an unsecure network and those who are unaware can cause security vulnerabilities without even realizing what they are doing.

What Your Network Security Plan Should Entail

Network security should be a vital part of your business plan, and your strategy should definitely include the following:

1.) Password Protection: Employees should be able to log into a secure system in order to access and transmit sensitive information. This also helps keep unauthorized users from accessing information that they should not have.

2.) Encryption: Making sure that your data is encrypted minimizes the chances of a security breach by making sure that hackers can’t read your sensitive data.

3.) Remote Access: You need to be able to control who can access your network when working outside of the building as well as what a person has access to when they are not working in the office.

4.) Antivirus Software: You need to be able to protect your network from viruses that could cause considerable damage, including those downloaded from email attachments.

Network security should be of the utmost importance to any business who relies on their network in order to get things done. If you can’t imagine your business being able to survive without networking capabilities, you need to call a Honolulu Security Solutions specialist as soon as possible to discuss your options for protecting your business and your peace of mind.

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