Overview of business telephone systems

by | Apr 3, 2012 | Phone Systems

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds in the recent years. With the advent of phones telecommunication companies has got the required boom. In the past, only one business telephone system could be used for communication. Times have changed and now multiple business telephone systems line are used in business sectors. They are used for small scale or hybrid system operations. The hybrid systems are also known as Private Branch Exchange ( PBX). They can be used for operations on a large scale alike the recent VoIP systems.

How do the business telephone systems work?

Multiple systems require the use of the key system. In this system, a central user controls all the calls on a direct and manual basis. The user does so with the help of line buttons. In the business telephone systems, the calls are connected to the dialed numbers. Generally these systems are used when an office requires a dedicated telephone exchange. Central office systems and PBX share the same technology. There are some complex and large PBX systems that have more capacity and wide features as compared to the public systems.

In PBX systems, interconnections between the internal telephones, modems, faxes and much more are made to form a telephone network. In a network, the end points are described by the term extension. You can make calls using the VOIP network. Customized hardware devices and simple phones with mikes and earphones are used in the VOIP system. It is cheaper than the PBX system and much more used in business telephone systems. But for larger businesses, the PBX is used as it offers more features.

Business telephone systems

Business telephone systems

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